Photography has always been a passion of mine since first experimenting with a manual Nikon camera and black and white film in a high school photography class.  Annual trips to Wyoming, and studying the images of Ansel Adams and Elliot Porter in addition to the images of more contemporary photographers such as Galen Rowell, Charles Cramer, William Neil, Jack Dykinga, and Christopher Burkett inspired me to attempt to capture the vistas and intimate details of our natural world on film.  

In school, I studied geology and received a B.S. in Geosciences from The Pennsylvania State University and an M.S. in Geology from Colorado State University.  Informally, I studied photography with a Nikon camera and Fuji Velvia until I finally made the transition to a large format field camera (Toyo 45AII in early 2002) prior to the digital revolution.  Today, I still shoot film with my 4x5 and also shoot digital with Nikon cameras and lenses.  I enjoy the immediacy of digital capture but still really enjoy the contemplative nature of large format photography and the organic feel of film.  There is still nothing like viewing a 4x5 transparency on a light table.

Artist Statement

We live in an amazing, dynamic world with natural beauty observable on a daily basis both in the well known national parks as well as in common places where most of us call home.  This webpage contains a portfolio of my favorite images taken from across the United States. These images truly bring out the feeling of the photograph as I have interpreted them at the time of creation.  They are an extension of the moment the shutter releases and they most accurately transfer my vision as a photographer to the viewer.  

It is my hope that my photography provides a unique perspective of the natural world that will evoke a deeper respect for wild places.  

If you enjoy these images please share.  

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